1. I’m crying because my life sucks and I can’t watch the new video and listen to Devon’s new song…


  2. Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted anything lately. But I wasn’t online the past week and I probably won’t be online for some more time. Not that I think anyone misses me but just to let you know. Well, and Devon is still at Burning Man but I suppose he’s returning this weekend. I really don’t know when I’ll be back but I’ll post everything that’s new when I am. Not that I think that there will be much but whatever… Ok, have a nice day :) See ya!


  3. Anonymous said: Thanks for sending me your tumblr :) Its just that i havent talked to a Devon fan in aaages, and i feel like they (the fans I used to talk to) dont keep up with him like they used to anymore. And i liked your posts :D

    You’re welcome :) I also haven’t talked to any fans in ages. But you know, I think that’s just a thing that happens as time goes by, some people simply find other interests over time. I have experienced it myself that I lost interest in some “celebrities” but Devon is one of the few I always kept up with :) Thanks again!

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  4. 100! Thank you so much :)


  5. Anonymous said: Hey! thank you so much for this tumblr! its makes easy to find recent pictures without having to stalk constantly haha. I dont know if anyone asked this before, but do you have a personal twitter or something like that? :)

    Hey, that’s really so sweet of you, thank you so much! Well, I’m already doing the stalking for you, haha :) Yes, I do have a personal Twitter but besides the facts that I’m really boring and don’t tweet much (and also not always in English) I’d rather not give it to you. But I’ve got a - if you’d like to call it so - “personal” Tumblr which is my main blog. This is just a side blog. I don’t even post anything personal on my blog, I just hit the reblog button all day and night :D But sure, you can follow me there, it’s kathrinveronica :)

  6. Devon Werkheiser - "Clarity" - Performance at Clevver Music [x]

  7. Devon Werkheiser - "Clarity" - Performance at Clevver Music [x]

  8. Devon Werkheiser - "Clarity" - Performance at Clevver Music [x]

  9. ;) [x]


  10. Anonymous said: Really Devon Werkheiser? :3

    No, I’m just a fan. But he has his own Tumblr. You can follow him at iamdevonwerkharder. He barely uses it though.